Buying your Software.

To be able to use your laptop like a boss, and you’re using OS X, you’ll only need three pieces of software on top of the hardware I talked about in Buying the Tools of the Trade. In order of importance, they are:

  1. Dragon Dictate for Mac
  2. Keystrokes
  3. Alfred

Dragon Dictate for Mac

This is probably my most important piece of software, if you took away the other two I would still be able to do everything on my computer that I would need to. Only slower! With the built-in commands that Dragon comes with on top of any script that we can think of where’s nothing and able-bodied person can do on the laptop that we can’t do.


Keystrokes is an excellent on-screen keyboard, that pops up whenever I move my cursor over it as it is transparent when not in use. It can be a normal keyboard, but you can also use it to trigger AppleScripts, Shell script and lots of other things as well. This is from their website:

KeyStrokes™ is an award-winning, fully-functional, advanced on-screen keyboard providing people with physical impairments as well as graphic tablet and touch screen users full access to the computer.

It’s a very awesome piece of software, I definitely recommend it if you are using OS X.


Whilst not strictly essential, I’ve come to rely on Alfred every single day and a new Mac just doesn’t feel complete until I’ve installed it. The basic version of Alfred is free1, but if you’re going to use Alfred like I do you should upgrade to the Alfred Powerpack. In fact, you should download Alfred and then go and pay the very modest price to upgrade… DOOO IIIT!


And that’s it. With those three building blocks we can do absolutely anything with our computers, which is a very big responsibility if you think about it really hard in the head until it hurts.

  1. And AWESOME!