The Blog

This blog is generated from a set of static pages using the deeply excellent Jekyll static site blog generator thingy. The theme was written by my partner is the chief designer over at and I contributed the Rake file, but everything you see on screen is her.

The Accessibility Stuff

To enable me to use the computer at all I need various bits of accessibility equipment and software, they are:

For voice dictation I use Dragon Dictate for Mac, moving the cursor around the screen is done using the most awesome TrackerPro and I can initiate a left click with the ubiquitous but brilliant buddy buttons; And the whole lot runs on my very shiny MacBook Pro 15.4 inch with Retina screen

And let’s not forget Alfred for OS X, who whilst specifically designed as accessibility software it’s become central to my computer usage and is one of the first things I install any new Mac.

The Writing Tools

I do almost all of my work in Sublime Text 3, or if I’m working on a text document on a remote server I will use the venerable Vim.

The Other Stuff

I use iTerm2 for Terminal emulation, Adium for chatting and Google Chrome for browsing around the web. This list is by no means exhaustive, but a full list would take up far too much space!

If you have any questions about any of this software, or need help with anything else then scrooch on over to the Contact page!