I'll Roll You For It.

I’m making a break for the border at first light, there will be negotiating treacherous obstacles, evading vicious predators1 and undergoing extreme hardships on my journey to the border. Obviously, by border I mean the park!

There’s an excellent logistical, planning, intelligence gathering and Media Ops team assembled in the Network Operations Centre2. Then there’s my trusty Steed, he’s called Frank (also known as the Permobil M400 Corpus 3G; who will be offering me some vital support along the way.

In this blog I’m going to try and codify some of the many small systems, pieces of information and arguments with bureaucracy we’ve had in our mission to get to the park. There’s also going to be a fair amount of waffling, Raspberry Pi addiction and anything else that comes to mind that I think the world needs to know. :-) I’m also going to post progress reports and advice on how to control the world with your voice, one finger and some excellent cooking tips.

And remember peeps, some famous bloke might, probably, maybe once have said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself also, stairs”

  1. I meant ducklings, obviously. Although they can give you a nasty Nip if you’re not careful! 

  2. Otherwise known as my bedroom!