My Other Projects.


Inventions, hacks, fixes, tutorials, tips… Invent/ability is a collection of useful solutions to everyday problems like: how to drink coffee without using your hands, how to hack a wheelchair, and how to smartify your home. You might like to read this longform article Inventability to learn more about how we came to build this site and, generally, its point.

Come in, look around, talk to us! We’re so glad you came!

Robots and Cake

Our group uses robots and other consumer technologies to expand the reach of those us with profound disabilities. Whether those robots are used to scratch an itch or visit a museum half a world away, robots have a central place in the future of assistive technology.


This is essentially my business card on the Internet, if you want to hire me this is the place to go. Or you could just email me on this blog, I’m always available for work. :-)

Limograf Limited

This is the overarching organisation that encompasses everything I do work wise, it’s also where you can hire my partner for any video editing, motion graphics, web development and other design work.