Open any File with DragonDictate

Opening a File with your Voice

This is another post in this series about how to use custom commands in DragonDictate for Mac. This custom command allows you to open any file or folder residing anywhere on your computer. Tell DragonDictate where the file is, and it will open every time you speak the right command. I use this most to open my Daily Jobs, which is a list I update each morning.

NOTE: I’ve chosen to place my daily-jobs.txt file inside Dropbox so that it’s available on other computers. This means that I can use the same command with DragonDictate on my laptop as my iMac and the list of daily jobs will stay synchronised across computers.

The Command

From the Tools menu and DragonDictate choose the Commands option. To create a new command from this window, you can either choose the New Command option from the File menu or use the keyboard shortcut Shift Command N.

There are new options on the right-hand pane of the command window. This is where you can control the context, type and action of your new command.

In this case choose the File or Folder type. I’ve used my usual trigger word “Xylophone” and the word “Diary” as my key word:

(Obviously replace your_username with the username of your computer)

  1. Command Name = Xylophone Diary
  2. Command Description = Open a text file containing my daily jobs.
  3. Context = Global (this means it will run when any application is foremost and not just one particular application is open)
  4. Type = File or Folder
  5. Target Path = /Users/your_username/Dropbox/daily-jobs.txt

When choosing the Target Path (which is just where your file or folder is located), you can either fill in the text field by hand or you can click the Choose Target button and select from the file chooser.

With all of that filled in correctly, click on the click Save button. Now you can open your daily list of tasks with one voice command each morning. Whether you get them done each day is entirely up to you!

Here’s a picture of what mine looks like; yours should be fairly similar:

The Finished Product


So in summary my verbal command is “Xylophone Diary”

And the URL field is filled in with: /Users/your_username/Dropbox/daily-jobs.txt