Open any Website with DragonDictate

Opening a Website with your Voice

This is another post in this series about how to use custom commands in DragonDictate for Mac. Up to now we’ve only used AppleScript for our custom commands, so I thought it would be useful for you to see another type of command. DragonDictate calls them Bookmarks, but that’s like so 1990s and what they actually mean is website. You can open any website using this method.

The Command

From the Tools menu and DragonDictate choose the Commands option. To create a new command from this window, you can either choose the New Command option from the File menu or use the keyboard shortcut Shift Command N.

There are new options on the right-hand pane of the command window. This is where you can control the context, type and action of your new command.

In this case choose the Bookmark type. I’ve used my usual trigger word “Xylophone” and the website key “Hacker” as the key word.

  1. Command Name = Xylophone Hacker
  2. Command Description = This command will open Hacker News in your default web browser.
  3. Context = Global (this means it will run when any application is foremost and not just one particular application is open)
  4. Type = Bookmark
  5. URL:

With all of that filled in correctly, click on the click Save button. You can then close the command window and now easily open everybody’s favourite start-up/hacker website! It should look something like this:

The Finished Product

Obviously, if you’re not interested only in computers and lean a different way, may I direct you to, for all your Brony T-shirt and apparel needs. Not my bag, admittedly, but what would the world be if we were all the same? :smile:


So in summary my verbal command is “Xylophone Hacker”

And the URL field is filled in with: