Opening PopClip with DragonDictate

Opening PopClip with your Voice

This is another post in this series about how to use custom commands in DragonDictate for Mac. This post will detail how I use AppleScript to open up the overlay from the very excellent application PopClip. PopClip will open up any time you select some text and allow you to do lots of things like searching Google for the selected text, capitalising it, posting it to twitter, posting it to Facebook and loads and loads of other things. However when I’m not using a mouse it’s quite difficult to open the PopClip overlay. So all I do is select the text with my voice, issue the following command, and I’m greeted with the glorious overlay!

The Command

From the Tools menu and DragonDictate choose the Commands option. To create a new command from this window, you can either choose the New Command option from the File menu or use the keyboard shortcut Shift Command N.

As you can see you have a number of new options on the right-hand pane of the command window, this is where you can control the context, type and action each of your commands will take.

In this case we are going to be using an Applescript command, so you need to change the following options to reflect that. I’ve used my usual trigger word “Xylophone” in this command and for the keyword I’ve used the word “popping”, but obviously you can choose what you like:

  1. Command Name = Xylophone Popping
  2. Command Description = This command activate the PopClip overlay.
  3. Context = Global (this means it will run when any application is foremost and not just one particular application is open)
  4. Type = AppleScript
  5. The last option is a large window where we put the AppleScript we wish to be run when our command is issued. In this case the AppleScript is:
-- Open up the PopClip overlay on any selected text
tell application "PopClip" to appear

With all of that filled in correctly, click on the Compile button to make sure there are no errors in your AppleScript (it will tell you if there are) and finally click Save. You can then close the command window and now share the screen of the remote computer of your choice.

Now all you need to do is say the words “Xylophone Popping” whenever you have some text selected and the PopClip overlay will appear, that’s assuming it hasn’t already appeared! :-)


So in summary my verbal command is “Xylophone Popping”

And the AppleScript you will need is here: